How I will work with you

Please have a think about the size of your project, and the time it will take to complete. Giving ample lead time helps the managing of workloads, and ensures your work gets the time and attention spent on it that it deserves. I work on a first come first served basis. If you need your project completed rapidly, please make a case for why, and we will work with you to negotiate a reasonable delivery date. We understand that urgent projects come in for a variety of reasons, but please note that any quick turnaround projects which conflict with existing deadlines may be addressed establish priorities. Phone calls and meetings, where possible, should be scheduled on a Wednesday, weekday evenings, or weekends due to my other work schedules

Setting the Brief

Analyse discover, research and collect information.
Analyse discover, research and collect information - So, what makes you tick ands what are you after? This is a critical stage of discovery and learning, which consists of a discussion between client and designer. This stage enables us to understand the business we are designing for and get to know who we will be working with. We will work together to identify and agree project objectives, deliverables, deadlines and budget etc.

Research & Ideas

Design and construction of ideas
Design and construction of ideas - We will then review all the information from the brief and begin looking at styles, competitors and trends etc which could influence the ideas. We will select and develop the strongest ideas and present them to the you explaining the thought process. Feedback from the client will follow and we urge you to not hold back with any constructive criticism. Ultimately we want you to be happy.


Evolve the design, Development & fine tuning
Evolve the design, Development & fine tuning - Together, we evaluate the concepts against the brief. Any amendments are made the the chosen visuals and submitted for sign off. This is where the design really comes to life and it’s up to you to be as critical as you like in order to help us deliver you the best possible outcome for your project. It’s up to you to tell me what you like/dislike... Don’t hold back... We don’t bite!

Finalisation & Delivery

Deployment of the finished product
Deployment of the finished product - This is the most rewarding part. Once you are happy, which is the most important part, We will supply all final artwork files or formats, Alternatively we can liaise or supply to the printer. We like to build long-term relationships with all my clients, so once we have launched your project, we can both monitor the growth and impact – and find other ways we can work together.