Event publicity and Branding

Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts

DOCA deliver a range of annual events in the Town of Devizes. Their main programme consists of the Festival Fortnight – Picnic in the Park, The International Street Festival, The Confetti Battle, The Devizes Carnival and a number of smaller events such as indoor shows, and fundraisers. They also produce the Lantern Parade in partnership with Devizes Town Council, they coordinate all the local workshops and installations. DOCA was born out of the town’s traditional Carnival but is now much more, bringing some of the worlds top performers to the streets of Devizes. Check out their website for more details I have had the pleasure of working alongside them to produce all their event branding for a number of years now. Since 2017 we have worked hard to transform and build upon their lovely branding, and I proudly continue to Produce eye catching, fun, vibrant publicity year upon year.



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